Business Solutions

Multi-turn tech

This is something no other assistant can do. You can now have a real conversation with your virtual assistant instead of the same, single question/answer dynamic. When you ask about a specific subject, Kai will remember it and understand your follow up questions.

Search, redefined

Everytime you search for anything, the results you see are the same everyone else sees, plus ads, and paid results. MeetKai created a new, revolutionary approach to search called Personalized Conversational Search, that will allow uninterrupted, personalized results each time you search.


Unlike most algorithms, MeetKai is not limited to a single product or service. You can also ask Kai about many different supported subjects, from restaurants and movies, to shopping advice in more than 13 languages.

What this means for your business

Kai can power your voice search to drive your users anywhere or give information about your products. Use voice searches in your applications to give users hands-free access to restaurants, movies, recipes, and more.

Kai’s search tools are already being used by partners like Vidio and Bulakapak to deliver better content discovery experiences to their existing users and attract new ones.

Our Favorite Partnerships

klik dokter

Kai can deliver specific results based on your data or inventory to enhance an e-commerce experience. Want users to search by colors or sizes via voice?

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